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The impressive dunes, textures of sand and colorful sunsets painting the sky, the snow on the mountains taking over of the landscape and the clouds so close to the earth creating a sense of unreality. I must admit that Peru was never on my bucket list but I fell so in love, that after two years of my first visit, I returned. One morning in January 2015, I received a call from a friend who shouted at the phone that the tickets to Peru were at $100 round trip. Five minutes later I had four of them and a departure date for my sister, my

cousin and my boyfriend. The embassy collapsed when hundreds of costa ricans applied for the visa, yellow fever vaccines were depleted and South America was filled with ticos during the following months. I had no idea which interesting places you could visit in Peru besides Machu Pichu and I began to investigate about the country obsessively. The more I read, the more I was excited. I found a lot of information available on the web and once I chose what I wanted to visit in order of preference, I started locating them on the map.

My country is really small, so I didn’t have a clue of distances and travel time from one point to another in a bigger country like Peru. But i researched and made a list of bus companies that travelers recommended and airlines that operated with internal routes. If you want to know the method that I use to plan trips like this, you can click HERE.

I must say that Peru is a cheap place, with incredible natural attractions, as well as history, culture and gastronomy. I had never considered visiting it until I found out about the offer. When the journey ended, I didn’t understand why it took me so long to visit this country. Stunning and giant mountains, vivid and powerful nature, splendid views that make anyone tremble.

The good thing about transportation is that you have a lot of choices: there are buses and low-cost airlines with popular routes and schedules. I used Cruz del Sur, Movil Tours and Oltursa. With all three I had a very good experience, we traveled at night so we could sleep on the road and saved the accommodation. They gave us a little snack and lent blankets for the cold and a pillow. The seats were reclining so we traveled comfortably and some had screens with entertainment options

There are also less touristy and more insecure companies with a lot of departure and return schedules available. I decided not to take risks using them, mainly because I read reviews where the users complained and told really bad stories.
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Now, I want to tell you what I visited and some useful advices if you are planning to travel there: HUARAZ, ICA'S DESERT AND HUACACHINA, MACHUPICHU, CUZCO AND SAGRADO VALLEY, PUNO and LIMA. (Some of these links will be enabled soon).



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