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Iceland is an incredible country, with a capital that is considered one of the cleanest and safest in the world as well as the most populated. On our trip, we discovered many useful that want to share with you in case you decide to visit it.
1. There are free public toilets, not many but you can see a sign with the initials WC to identify them. If you can’t find them, you can enter a local business and buy a coffee in towns around the country, or ask for the rate to use them. In tourist attractions there are always bathrooms available and I never found a single one without toilet paper.
2.If you are going to drive around, know that there are parking areas throughout the center of Reykjavik with information about schedules and parking meters where you cancel by card the time you want to use the space available on the street.
3. In Iceland EVERYTHING is handled with a card, they love electronic money, I even paid a public bathroom like that! If you want to exchange cash, you can do it at the airport or look for the only two large banks (at least that I could see) relatively close to the center but as I say, during my 22 days of travel I didn’t touch a single Icelandic coins or bills.
4. Another thing, in Iceland almost everything closes really early, so I advise that if you want to visit something in particular that has a schedule, check in advance the info so that you don’t go through the disappointment of finding it with closed doors.
5. Iceland is an expensive country, so I recommend buying food (the Bonus supermarket is the cheapest), and be selective. We bought bread, ham and cheese at a decent price and we took advantage of some boxes with 10 juices for our snacks.
6. Almost all tourist attractions are FREE (WIIIIIIIIIIIII) so it would be nice if you use the bathrooms, to respect the rate they charge because sometimes there are only money boxes and not a person.
7. Icelanders are trusting people, they believe in the honesty and therefore, expect that the payment of services is respected as for example the one of the camping areas (sometimes the reception is closed because it works in specific hours and the facilities can be used without problem only if you pay before you go or leave the money in boxes around the camping site).
8. Do not walk in the moss or in areas that aren’t marked, there are no security guards but the ecosystem is very fragile and the destruction you cause because of a picture, can take nature hundreds of years to regenerate. In addition to that if you walk through prohibited areas, you could have an accident, especially if there’s snow because there are cracks and unstable ground where it’s very easy to fall.
9. Icelanders have a surprising recycling culture, use garbage dumps as indicated. You can help the environment and in the process integrate these customs into your daily lives.
10. Iceland's water is 100% potable throughout the territory, do not spend money on plastic bottles with water that, apart from contaminating, are totally unnecessary.
11. The winds throughout the territory can be very strong and weather conditions change abruptly in a very short time (literally we went from a sunny afternoon to a snowstorm in a matter of 1 hour), so if you drive, always check the roads, weather alerts and northern lights forecast. Sometimes the roads close due to bad conditions in the environment and during winter you can not enter the central areas of the country. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary dangers, the climate there is something that should not be taken lightly, especially in winter. You can also check my Tips for driving in winter in Iceland.
12. Choose the type of clothes you will use according to the season, I always advise you to have waterproof pants and jackets, especially if you want to walk behind the waterfalls, appropriate shoes for hiking and earmuffs or hats that protect your ears from the wind.
13. Carry GPS, compasses and a map, although the country is not that big, it’s easy to get lost if you are reckless, especially if you go to the highlands in summer.
14. If you are going to buy a data SIM card, I recommend SIMMIN.. It’s the oldest company, has better coverage and is the most popular. You can go to any office and ask for the available plans. You will also find VODAFONE and NOVA as options. I share you some maps that illustrates the coverage that each company has around the territory. There is also the option of renting a portable device to have wifi and connect several devices but be careful because Luis' cell phone, my assistant, never recognized the network.
If you drive around Iceland or do the ring road on your own, try to always have a full tank, there are areas where you will not find gas service for kilometers. By the way, if you make the journey in camper, you can read my Tips to make the ring road in camper.

If you have interesting or useful facts to share, let me know! I would love to hear from your experiences!


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