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After 236 kgs of garbage! Let's make a change!

Sometimes we live so focused on our work and superficial things that we forget simple details like this: if the planet earth ends, we all die. It’s not drama, it’s a real fact and in this era of pollution and climate change, it’s urgent to join forces and do something.
I had the chance to participate in a beautiful environmental project called Enviajarme. Josue (the founder) is a young man, passionate about nature and with an incredible vision to make this world a better place. I loved it: i's an active community of responsible tourism trying to eliminate pollution in affected areas. More than 100 volunteers sweating under a strong sun in the Cerro del Espíritu Santo managed to clean a site that many people visit daily. With breathtaking views, perfect for biking, hiking and even sit down with beers to watch the sunset, it’s the ideal place to share with friends.
From 7:00 a.m. at the meeting point until almost 3:00 p.m., cleaning kept us all focused and busy, each one at it’s own pace with bags in hand and buckets to collect and classify garbage. The mood, laughter and an atmosphere of positivism flooded the place, making the trees smile and the plants relieved to be able to breathe a little better.

In conjunction with environmental groups from Naranjo and other foundations that actively promote and clean our nature, this ride was possible with one simple purpose: to diminish our footprint and restore a bit of harmony to our mother earth. What can I tell you? I had an incredible time, I met people in the same environmental tune, leaving the matrix and doing something to counteract the plague that we are.
Thanks to Josué for giving me the chance to participate and for such an important community ready to make a difference. Do not hesitate to propose projects, financial aid or donations for transportation or whatever is needed for future activities. If you want to join the change, FOLLOW THEM.


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