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My tico paradise!

Costa Rica is my paradise. It’s the country I was born: beautiful, full of biodiversity and microclimates. From mountains to beaches, there are amazing places you can go and connect with nature. I’ve lived here 27 years of my life and yet I keep finding secret spots where I can get lost from the city.
The photographs I have taken around are a visual memory of inspiration. They are a reflection of my thoughts, a speech from my senses in an aesthetical way.
I go hiking and take the time to watch and wait, to perceive my emotions and let them flow: I think about my childhood and strong experiences I’ve had. I bond with the land that saw me grow. My roots are here, everywhere with hundreds of people and I love this little space on earth: my home, my paradise.
If you want to know about my country, click here.
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My tico home!