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A land of discoveries: history, archeology, volcanoes and more!

I was expecting places full of gangs and violence but instead, I discovered the beauty of volcanoes, archaeological sites, culture, and interesting people! It’s an insecure country but if you take the government and native advices, you will be ok. A week was not enough and I couldn’t visit everything I wanted but I felt surprised all the time: I was missing the most incredible views in a country so rich in natural spots because of fear.
Nature doesn’t care about humans conflicts but it is affected by some of them. In this case, I found a land that taught me the importance of having an open mind, to experience a place before judging it only by news, to love and acknowledge the goodness in people who live constantly fighting the low values of a few. Guatemala is underrated and visiting it was an amazing experience. I can not wait to return again and be surrounded by the magic and power of nature.
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Pacayas Volcano, Atitlan Lake, Tikal!