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How to choose a hostel?

We feel excited about our destination but at the same time we often feel overwhelmed with so many options to stay. Choosing a hostel have a lot of pros and cons but If you are a backpacker like me, maybe you can use this method that I use to select a hostel:
1. Choose the city or the place you want to visit: Obviously the first step is to choose the area you want to visit to find out how to start looking for what you need.
2. Determine what you want to visit: When you know what city or area you are interested in, do a little research to find out more about where it’s best. It’s not the same to be 10 km from downtown than 1 km.
3. Search for accommodation: With these data you can already have a better idea of ​​what interests you and what are the priorities to consider. I usually use (click on this link, make your reservation and you;ll receive $15 of credit, limited code and conditions apply), and couchsurfing.
4. Use filters: Once you are on the website of your choice, filter by price from lowest to highest on the dates you want. This way you can start to see a list of available accommodations where you can compare ratings in the first instance. Open in separate tabs all the places that superficially seem an interesting option and that fits your budget.
5. Read everything: Go one by one reviewing the information they share: what facilities they have, how many kilometers from downtown or the site of interest, is it a shared or individual room, include breakfast, have a good rating, among others. Discard what you consider inopportune. For example, I start discarding those that are far from my center of interest, if there is one similar to another but one of them offers me breakfast for free, if there is one that is closer to subway stations or that type of facilities , if they have less than 5 rating stars (in the case of booking).
6. See the location on the map: Open google maps and locate the ones that were left as possible options. Discard again.
7. Read reviews: When you have a nice selection, read the reviews of each one and if you have more than one option to choose, see the photos and prices.
8. Check if the place has its own website: check if the price changed when you book directly with them.
9. Reserve and wait for confirmation.
As you can see, it’s very simple, it only takes some patience and time. I can last 1 hour reviewing and booking accommodation for a city but setting itineraries can last up to 3 or 4 months, depending on the site and the length of the trip. If you need help to set up trips, you can read my USEFUL TIPS TO PLAN A TRIP and if you want ,read my TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR BACKPACKING SKILLS

Do you other tips to choose a hostel? I want to know your opinions!


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