April 3, 2019

After 236 kgs of garbage!

I had the chance to participate in a beautiful environmental project called Enviajarme. Josue (the founder) is a young man, passionate about nature and with an incredible vision to make this world a better place. I was amazed to watched how more than 100 people gathered together to walk in a beautiful mountain and clean all the way up to the top.
August 4, 2018

Sevilla’s Incredible Fair!

Sevilla Fair In search of warmer lands we went to Seville, historic capital of Andalusia, and without planning it the first thing we heard at the airport was that we arrived just for the last three days of the April fair.
May 1, 2018

Kattakaffihúsið: Cat cafe

April 19, 2018


Traveling to Iceland was my dream for 4 years. I wanted to feel as one in those incredible landscapes, to see the northern lights shining in the sky, to be amazed by the power of nature because I knew that the climate there was totally unpredictable.
March 23, 2018

What to do and how in Huaraz!

Huaraz is a city in Ancash. It’s 3052 meters above sea level and a place I recommend spending at least a week: two or three days to acclimatize without doing demanding activities and the rest to venture in the beauty of nature. In the search for attractions (I love mountains and hiking)), I found a small company that offered tours at a good price (you will realize that Peru is a very cheap country, at least much cheaper than Costa Rica and for some activities, a guide is a must).
March 23, 2018

Welcome to Hear the Earth Blog!

Hi! My name is Criss and this blog is a dream come true! I’m a regular girl, majored in Photography in 2014, started to live on my own trying to build a freelance business, dealt with personal issues like everybody else. I never thought of myself as brave or adventurous but I came to realize that I needed a change.