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My top destinations for 2019 and best advices!
Are you ready now?!

I always hear people making promises for the next year and I wonder: why not start before the end of the year? Why wait to accomplish goals? Is it fear, laziness or both?
You begin to build your future NOW. Do you want to travel? Start saving, stop spending on things that you don’t need, invest money to have cash flow, get up early and produce, talk to strangers because that's where the opportunities are: outside.
I am already working to fulfill my Bucket List: I want to visit ALL the countries in the world. What if I'm crazy? What if people think I'm not going to achieve it? Doesn’t matter! I'm putting all my effort into it. I already visited 23 countries out of 195 and I'm ready for the ones I'm missing. I love challenges, I love feeling alive and I love discovering myself in every place I visit.
By this year 2019, I hope to be in Canada, Chile, Chicago, Washington State and backpacking around Southeast Asia because this year I felt the cultural shock I was looking for and I'm dying of desire to expand my mind, unlearn and relearn with every step I take. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share because even if I have this goal on my mind, I’m open to changes!!
For each challenge there are thousands of excuses and reasons why we think something is impossible. We’ve been raised and taught that there is a reality when the truth is that reality is built by us with every decision we make.
I decided to dedicate myself to my sick mother and my studies for 6 years. Even after her death I continue studying until depression prevented me from getting out of bed. I fought against wind and tide for a goal that was not fulfilled until almost 8 years later, while everyone told me to surrender for my own good. I was next to my ex mother in law, the mother of my best friend, my mother and my grandmother when they left this dimension, I accepted the loss of a baby and with all the love of the world I accompanied my best friend and my ex-boyfriend during their processes to fight against cancer. All these decisions shaped my way of perceiving the world and people and are just examples of everyday situations that I am sure 100% of the population will face at some point.
I always put as an excuse my sadness and the diseases of others. I didn’t realize that those decisions helped me value life more and encouraged me to decide and change my plans. It’s a matter of perspective. So, here are my best advices for NOW because this has taken me more than a decade to understand, embrace and change it:
1. DON’T EVER FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF: Put your shit together and TAKE ACTIONS, DON’T DO THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN IF THEY DON’T WORK. Do you want to stay in bed because you’re depressed and tired? What good do you get from staying there? Unnecessary sleep? More tiredness? Wasting valuable time where you could be productive and even help others? Get out of there, embrace your good and bad emotions, face your demons and overcome them! Funny because yesterday I saw this picture on the internet and just made me understand even better what I’ve been living my whole life. I got stuck on stage 3, letting my past and traumas define my present until I decided to face, forgive and let it go. Wasn’t easy but hey, good friends and people are always around. I think sometimes you are just to blind with anger and sadness to actually appreciate them. " What you deny submits you and what you accept transforms you." Carl Jung

2. DON’T BLAME OTHER PEOPLE for your even worse decisions: It’s horrible when something traumatic happens but I think it’s even worse when you don’t take responsability for your actions. Don’t be a victim: GROW UP! You can decide if you want to spend a week in a bed or you can make a really big effort and take steps. Don’t you feel like going out? Do it! You don’t know if you’re going to learn something or someone new. Hey, maybe you even enjoy the change of environment. Feel tired? Do some exercises. Maybe your body is used to being lazy, maybe your body needs to recharge batteries moving the muscles. Staying still is not going to make you go anywhere pal. Go to a mountain, hike, ride a bicycle, breathe fresh air and appreciate life instead of feeling sorry for your past or current situations.
3. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT NOW! And this advice comes from a person who has been struggling with depression for 25 and a half years of existence. Believe me, I’ve been there. Have you always wanted to go to a volcano? A restaurant? A city? A country? Learn how to play piano, guitar? Go to a concert? Play sports? Learn a new language? Live abroad? Travel the world? If you’re not in the place you want to be, doing the things you want to do and love, you need to start making brand new decisions TODAY and study the ones who are where you want to be.
4. STOP MAKING EXCUSES: I have problems, I don’t have money, I’m sad, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it, I’m not in shape, I don’t have a good physical condition, I’m too old, I’m too young, I don’t have experience and my favorite I can’t, it’s impossible. The list is infinite and I’m sure you’ve repeated some of this phrases over and over. Well, shut up, BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT AND AGAIN: TAKE ACTIONS, MAKE CHANGES, LEARN FROM MISTAKES, STOP DOING THE SAME THINGS.


It sounds simple but it’s not. Make small decisions everyday and you’re going to start experience how the universe vibrates with you and open doors you can actually see because: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE NOT IN THE BLACK CLOUD ANYMORE!! You’ve accepted your past, pain, trauma and feelings. You’ve embraced them all and you’ve forgiven yourself, healing.
No matter what the dream is: 2019, 2020 is not the time to do it, the time is NOW! Make an action plan and execute it because you can’t run a marathon immediately, but if you train hard, very hard every day, the body gets stronger and you reach the goal.
I know Hear The Earth Blog is focused on travelling but please...if you’re depressed, are going through a hard time, look for professional help. My life changed completely when I decided to stop crying and actually did something that I didn’t even feel like it. Make an effort because life is beautiful, we don’t have much time and there are so much to do, see and help.
Best vibes of all dimensions and lots of cosmic love for everyone!

Tell me what dreams you want to fulfill! Are you ready?!


Photographer, aspiring film maker, dreamer, in love with the world!! Everything you want is on the other side of fear!!